The Flight Attendant: a TV series between comedy and drama

The Flight Attendant is one of the latest Sky series. It is a comedy crime movie divided in eight episodes and its main feature is the ability to combine both comic and tragic aspects of life.

The principal character is Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco) who works as a flight attendant. Her life is full of difficulties: she is an alcoholic and spends a lot of time with strangers. During a flight, Cassie knows a man and, as usual, she spends the night with him. When she wakes up the following morning, the man is next to her, but he is dead: this situation marks the beginning of a terrible adventure that will almost lead Cassie to despair. This fact will also be a way for Cassie to deal with her problems and her problematic past.

I would strongly suggest watching this television series because it is really exciting and can bring together the unexpected twist of the mystery with the lightness of the comedy.

Giovanni Covino


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