Primary and Secondary Causality: Principles and Distinctions

Segnalo ai lettori di Briciole filosofiche questo interessante video dal sito web L’Autore si sofferma sul tema della causalità e sulla distinzione tra c. primaria e c. secondaria.

Pochi minuti e tanta filosofia. Buona visione! [G. C.].

For Christianity, God is not a part of the universe; nor simply separate from the universe. Rather, he is the very source of the universe, its absolutely transcendent and primary cause — a cause of an absolutely different kind, in a different order altogether, from all other causes that we know.

He gives to other causes their being and therefore their capacity to cause. Creaturely causality is real, and so there is no competition between taking seriously the creaturely causality that we find in the universe, and simultaneously affirming that God is the first cause of all of these things.


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